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Long-billed Curlew--courtesy of William L. Newton/CLO

Long-billed Curlew--courtesy of William L. Newton/CLO

Most of the odd celebrations that I write about do not surprise me or perplex me. But I had to do some checking on this day. And I definitely learned something.

March 16th is Curlew Day. So what is a Curlew? They are large coastal birds that belong to the Scolopacidae family. The most commonly found species are the long-billed. The long-billed curlew, its bill almost one third the body length, is now rare in the Eastern United States. It frequents salt marshes, prairies, and tidal creeks in the West. In summer it eats locusts and other injurious insects.

The nearly extinct Eskimo Curlews migrate from arctic breeding grounds to South America. The bristle-thighed Curlew spends its summers, and it nests in Alaska and then winters in the South Pacific. It also feeds on the eggs of other birds.

The Curlew is an interesting bird that many people do not know much about. I found some interesting sites that you can read more about these birds:

All About Birds

Wild Animals Online

Slender-billed Curlew

Eskimo Curlew

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  1. I do not think I’ve seen this depicted that way before. You actually have clarified this for me. Thanks!

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