Jul 262015

Barbie in a blenderApparently, Mattel was not amused when artist Tom Forsythe published a series of photos named “Food Chain Barbie” in 1999. They sued him. This series of photos included, “Cutting Board Barbie” and “Barbie Enchiladas”. He then went through a pretty serious court battle and won. The court ruled that this was a parody or satire and could not be blocked by trade mark laws.

So, in support of his battle, many people celebrate “Barbie-in-a-blender day. I found a couple of videos to watch in celebration of this day.

This video (although technically these are not Barbies) is really good. Will it blend?

Here’s a great “Barbie Blend” set to music by Toys in Trouble.

How will you celebrate Barbie-in-a-blender Day?

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Jul 252015

Day of the CowboyNational Day of the Cowboy celebrates part of our history. The hope is to preserve the heritage of the cowboy.

Cowboys are fast disappearing, but yet have played a major role in our history. They are animal herders that tended to cattle on ranches, traditionally on horseback. The cowboy has historic roots going back to Spain and early European settlers of the Americas. Over the years multiple cultures influenced the styles of equipment, clothing, and animal handling. Although, even today, many of the classic traditions are still preserved.

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Jul 252015

Aunts and UnclesWho are your favorite aunt and uncle? Today is the day to celebrate your special relatives.

Aunts and Uncles are those special people who know your parents better than anyone. They grew up with them. So they can be a good source of embarassing stories, or bad things your parents may have done.

Make sure to thank them today for all the special things they have done for you. Give them a call or take them a present today.

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Jul 242015

carouselIn 1871, William Schneider patented the carousel. Today honors that day. William Schneider is considered the inventor of the modern carousel.

This day used to be widely celebrated, but now because the older wooden carousels that were adorned with beautifully carved animals are disappearing.

Celebrate the beautiful carousels from the late 1800s today by getting out and riding one.

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