Oct 222014

Johnny CarsonTV Talk Show Host Day honors all TV Talk Show Hosts. However, today is chosen for this holiday in honor of Johnny Carson’s birthday. The Tonight Show ran from 1962 to 1992.

Did you know that the first talk show began in 1951 and was hosted by Joe Franklin.

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Oct 212014

Caps LockCaps Lock Day is the day to celebrate typing everything in caps. So hit your caps lock key today and leave it there.

The caps lock key was invented because on a mechanical typewriter, holding the shift key requires more force to operate and it was difficult to hold the shift key down for more than a few consecutive keystrokes. It also helped disabled people who could not hold down more than one key at a time.

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Oct 202014

buttonsWho knew that there was a Count Your Buttons Day? Makes you wonder who invented this day. But apparently this day was created so that we can all count our buttons. I’m sure I won’t have anything better to do today!

Did you know that the earliest known button that has been found was in the area known as Pakistan? It is made of a curved shell and is about 5,000 years old.

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