Oct 202014

buttonsWho knew that there was a Count Your Buttons Day? Makes you wonder who invented this day. But apparently this day was created so that we can all count our buttons. I’m sure I won’t have anything better to do today!

Did you know that the earliest known button that has been found was in the area known as Pakistan? It is made of a curved shell and is about 5,000 years old.

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Oct 172014

BeardHave you been thinking about shaving your beard? Today is the day to do it. No Beard Day is celebrated to give you a reason to shave your beard.

Archaeologists have found evidence that men started to shave off their beards as early as 100,000 BC. The first razors that were discovered date back to 30,000 BC and they were made of flint.

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Oct 162014

Wear something gaudyToday is Wear Something Gaudy Day. I love holidays like this. Today is your day to wear the most outrageous outfit you have. The more tacky, tasteless, and cheap looking, the better it is! The best part of today is that you can wear these things with pride today.

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