Oct 292014

Candy Corn DayOf course the day before Halloween is National Candy Corn Day. Candy corn is one of those treats that people either love or hate. I LOVE candy corn, but I only eat it at Halloween. So I am going to spend the day eating candy corn today!

Did you know that candy corn has been around since about 1880. At that time it was a new type of candy with three colors. Candy corn also contains 130 calories and that this year it is estimated that over 35 million pounds of candy corn will be produced. That is equivalent to about 9 billion candy corn kernels.

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Oct 282014

FrankensteinNational Frankenstein Day should not be confused with the other Frankenstein holidays (Frankenstein Friday and Frankenstein Day) In my opinion, since this is NATIONAL Frankenstein Day, this is my official Frankenstein holiday.

This is the day to celebrate monsters and everything creepy because it means that Halloween is almost here. Remember, Halloween is not a holiday, its a lifestyle!

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Oct 252014

howlWhat, you didn’t know that there was actually a day designated at Howl at the Moon Night?

Everyone is supposed to gather at 9 pm (local time) and howl into the night. So you are probably asking why? Um well, I couldn’t exactly find the reason for this anywhere. But it sounds really fun.

I think this is a GREAT celebration.

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Oct 242014

BaconToday is Greasy Foods Day. Today is the day we should all forget about sticking to a healthly diet. Its a holiday! So this is a good excuse to eat those things we aren’t supposed to eat.

Many state fairs and festivals have the most amazing greasy foods. Have you ever tried a deep-fried hamburger? The burger is battered and fried. The batter is a cross between funnel cake and pancakes.

Other greasy foods you could try are:

  • French fry-coated bacon
  • Deep fried grilled cheese
  • The “Luther”–a chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese encased in a Krispy creme donut
  • Chicken-fried bacon
  • Deep-fried Twinkies
  • Deep-fried Oreos

The list goes on and on. What can you come up with today?

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Oct 222014

Johnny CarsonTV Talk Show Host Day honors all TV Talk Show Hosts. However, today is chosen for this holiday in honor of Johnny Carson’s birthday. The Tonight Show ran from 1962 to 1992.

Did you know that the first talk show began in 1951 and was hosted by Joe Franklin.

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