Jul 222014

GrandmaGorgeous Grandma Day celebrates women over the age of fifty who embrace life and lives it to the fullest.

Do you have (or know) a gorgeous Grandma? Let her know you think she is gorgeous and truly appreciated today!

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Jul 212014

Rat CatcherWhere would we be without Rat Catchers? They do the dirty work that none of us want to do.

This day commemorates the myth of the Pied Piper and is also celebrated on June 26. The folklore was that the Pied Piper was promised a large sum of money to rid the town of Hamlin, Germany of its rat infestation. The rats were lured by the Pied Piper’s music and followed him to the river. But in the end the mayer refused to pay him. So one night when everyone was asleep, the Pied Piper played again and lured all the children to a cave.

Do you know how many rats were supposedly lured to the river by the Pied Piper? The tale states more than a million!

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