May 172015

No Dirty Dishes DayToday is No Dirty Dishes Day. This day is for making sure all your dishes are clean. This includes those cups and mugs that you may have left in the garage, on your coffee table, or anywhere else. So get busy today and wash all those dishes!

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May 162015

Pack Rat DayDo you let things pile up, save everything? Then you could be a pack rat. Today is the day we celebrate pack rats. So spend the day going to garage sales or thinking of what you can do with all that stuff.

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May 162015

chickensThis story goes that on September 10, 1945 Mike, a young Wyandotte rooster, was about to become the dinner of Fruita, Colorado, farmer Lloyd Olsen.

Mr. Olsen prepared to make Mike dinner by cutting off his head. But when he swung the ax, Mike continued trying to peck for food.

A very strange story, indeed. But now it is celebrated as a day to “keep your head about you when everyone else is losing theirs”!

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May 152015

Sea Monkey DaySea Monkey Day recognizes those amazing pets that come alive when you place them in water. I remember as a child being fascinated by them. So if you have sea monkeys, give them a special treat today and celebrate their uniqueness.

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May 142015

Nylon Stocking DayIn 1940 the Du Pont Corporation introduced nylon stockings. They marketed them as stronger than steel and run-proof. Du Pont went on to declare May 15 as N-Day. This was the day that they began selling nylon stockings and they sold over 5 million pair of nylon stockings in one day.

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