Aug 172015

mail order catalogFor many of us, the mail order catalog is an institution. It is generally thought that Benjamin Franklin was the first to begin developing this idea. He put together the mail order concept in 1744. His catalog sold scientific and academic books. I have read that he offered the first guarantee: “Those persons who live remote, by sending their orders and money to B. Franklin may depend on the same justice as if present.”

Later, in 1848, Alfred Hammacher created a mail-order business which sold tools and hardware. This business was Hammacher Schlemmer and is considered the earliest surviving mail-order business.

Later in 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward produced a mail order catalog for his company. It consisted of a single sheet of paper with a price list, showing the merchandise for sale. The reason he did this was because he had identified a potential market of wary farmers in the Midwest.

It only took about two years before his product sheet turned into a 540 page catalog that was illustrated and contained over 20,000 items. It wasn’t until 1888 that Sears produced their catalog.

So August 18th is celebrated as National Mail Order Catalog day to recognize the first catalog Montgomery Ward produced.

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Aug 162015

ThriftshopAugust 17 is National Thriftshop Day. Many people shop thrift stores on a regular basis. And the idea that Thrift Stores are only for people who can’t afford retail is slowly disappearing. And many Thriftshops are run by charitable organizations.

I love shopping Thrift Stores. Our family calls it treasure hunting! So today is the day to celebrate the Thriftshop. Get out and visit your favorite store. You never know what you will find!

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Aug 152015

Joke DayToday is National Tell a Joke Day. Dig out all your jokes that you have been waiting for that chance to tell and use them today. Pass along some humorous emails or tell some jokes in person.

Although it is not certain who or when this day was started, National Tell a Joke Day has been celebrated for many years. Did you know that many Grammer schools devote this day to celebrating this holiday?

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Aug 142015

Chauvin Day is in honor of Nicholas Chauvin. He was a French soldier who idolized Napoleon.

In the end he was ridiculed for his blind loyalty. Chauvin Day is celebrated on August 15 because that is Napoleon’s birthday.

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